More than 300 flood victims from Mutimuri village in Gokwe North are appealing for assistance from the government to be relocated to other areas in Gokwe that are not flood prone.

They say experience is the greatest teacher, and Mutimiri villagers learnt the lesson the hard way after experiencing floods for two consecutive years that left most of them homeless and hunger stricken.

The flood victims, many of whom ignored government’s call to relocate the previous year, are now ready to relocate after yet another misfortune following the heavy rains that the country has been experiencing.

The villagers are now appealing to the government for food aid and assistance to relocate to higher ground.

The government last year resettled some families at higher ground at Casa Banana area.    

“We know the government had advised us to move to higher ground but we were reluctant but now we are ready. We kindly ask to be relocated to resettlement areas,” said one victim. 

Government officials led by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Cde Owen Ncube visited the flood victims to assess the extent of the damage following the latest crisis.

“We are heartbroken by the damage caused by the floods. The government will continue to help every victim in every way it can. I am reliably told that families have in some cases lost homes. They have certainly lost priceless belongings. What I want the citizens of Chireya to know is that you are not alone in this. Wven after we have departed from this place, the new dispensation is going to support you and help you until we get everyone back in their homes,” said Cde Ncube.

The trail of destruction caused by the floods in Gokwe North has also forced many pupils out of school and parents are concerned that the remaining structure many also collapse if the heavy rains persist.

“Our children are no longer going to school as the rivers are flooded and they are no bridges in this area. We are now isolated. Look at our school, if these rains continue, it will definitely collapse and our children will suffer and the little stationary at the school will collapse. We are appealing to the government to build a proper school in this area,” another parent said.   

To date, 152 tents, 200kgs of sugar, salt, four bales of footwear and five rolls of polythene paper for temporary toilets have been donated to the flood victims.

10 tonnes of rice have also been distributed and more food is expected.