For a town to attain municipal status, there are a number of determinants such as the development of road infrastructure as well as housing.

Gokwe has set the target for achieving municipal status for the year 2025 and the business community feels this target is achievable.

Gokwe, which is the country’s cotton growing epicentre, is slowly awakening from a slumber that had threatened its growth after farmers had slowly abandoned the growing of the white gold.

However, with the government coming in with a cotton input support scheme, Gokwe farmers are happy.

Gokwe Business Community Vice Chairperson, Mr Jacob Sundawo said Gokwe is usually portrayed as a place synonymous with mysterious happenings despite the positive developments taking place at the centre.

Mr Sundawo said the growth of the town, which has seen financial institutions, supermarket chains as well as other corporates having a footprint in the town, is a sign that the town is developing.

Cotton has been the mainstay of Gokwe and there is consensus that the cotton to clothing strategy can have positive ripple effects on Gokwe.

The Zvido Zvevanhu Cotton Producers Association believes that investment in firms that will add value to cotton will create investment in the town.

Gokwe Town Council has also embarked on a drive to improve infrastructure in the town with a stadium, newly completed town house as well as housing developments changing the cotton growing hubs outlook.