The Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (ZCFU) is working with ZimTrade and the Cold Storage Commission (CSC) to facilitate the export of goat meat to countries where it is on high demand with Angola alone requiring 25 tonnes per week.

The country needs to export meat from at least 1500 goats per week to meet the demand in United Arab Emirates, Uganda and Angola.

Under the arrangement, ZimTrade will assist with export guidance and market research while the CSC has the export licences and slaughter facilities that are of international standards.

The export price of goat meat ranges from $9 to $10 per kilogramme.

Local farmers have already been importing the Boer and Kalahari goats from Limpopo province in South Africa due to their size and ability to adapt to harsh climatic conditions.

According to ZCFU chairperson for Matabeleland North province Mr Winston Babbage, each farmer is required to breed a minimum of 500 goats to meet the demand, hence the drive to encourage the breeding of goats in the region.

“CSC has had a quota for export for goat meat all these years and we have been sitting on it. So now we are going to be working with them and try and give them the quota that they need, enough animals that they need for export,” said Mr Babbage.

Farmers have already been undergoing training in the treatment of animals, record keeping and feed formulation with a group of women and youths already sent to Limpopo province for further training on how they can make yoghurts, butter and other dairy products from goat milk.

Meanwhile, a specialist in artificial insemination has been secured in Harare to assist goat farmers in the region in improving genetics and the programme is covering Lupane and Umguza and is expected to spread to Matobo in Matabeleland South province.