Expecting couples have been urged to consistently undergo check-ups to ensure early detection of preventable disability complications of infants.

Health practitioners say it is critical for pregnant women to take routine pre and post-delivery check-ups to prevent and lessen physical complications for children.

While conducting awareness for a children’s post birth assessment programme called “At Risk”, Bindura District Rehabilitation Technician Alice Muropa revealed that if detected early some disabilities can be moderated or averted.

“We have a programme which we are calling “At Risk” aimed at helping children who might have challenges or have a condition which might later translate to disability.”

“The government aims to ensure reduction in disability cases, hence this programme beseeches couples to visit clinics for check-ups. We assess the condition of the baby from birth weight and verify if the child is in expected condition,” said Muropa.

Many parents or guardians of physically challenged children, struggle with access to infant education mainly due to lack of information but the rehabilitation department has come up with ways to assist.

“We assist them till they are 3 years old and help them get to ECD where they will get further assistance from the Ministry of Education,” added Muropa.

The government established a National Disability Board in terms of Section 4 of the Disability Act chapter 17, to provide a policy framework creating programmes such as “At Risk” focusing on care-giving and assisting guardians on infant education.