vice president mujuru 06-2011.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru told US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Charles Ray, that by entering into a government of national unity with the Movement for Democratic Change, Zanu PF had given more than the opposition.

According to the latest cable released by the whistle blower website, Wikileaks, the Vice President met the US envoy to discuss the politics of the country.

She stressed that the illegal sanctions imposed on institutions are hurting ordinary Zimbabweans.

She argued that while she and others were targets, they were not hurt.  Rather, ordinary Zimbabweans were suffering as a result of sanctions on institutions such as ZB Bank and Agribank, which had historically provided loans to small businessmen and farmers.

In the cable, Ambassador Ray also mentions that Cde Mujuru, who did not separate herself from President Robert Mugabe, said that she and national chairman Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo represented the young generation in the party structures.

Vice President Mujuru also stated that the most critical GPA issue was sanctions.  ZANU-PF thought that by signing the GPA and  agreeing to a government with the MDC it had given more than the MDC, while the MDC had made a number of unhelpful “pronouncements.” 

The Vice President mentioned the MDC’s calls for Zimbabwe’s neighbours to withhold electricity and fuel, while asking western countries to maintain personal sanctions. 

The latest wikileaks releases have shown that a number of high-profile Zanu PF, MDC and government officials as well as prominent business people met secretly with the US embassy to discuss the political affairs of Zimbabwe.