Farmers in Chipinge have raised concern over delays being encountered in the delivery and uptake of grain at their local depot. 

Long queues of trucks ferrying grain are now a common feature at the entrance of the Chipinge Grain Marketing Board (GMB) depot as farmers make frantic efforts to deliver their produce to the national granary ahead of commencement of the 2018/2019 season.

The farmers said they are spending days at the depot before being served and this is bringing negative costs on transport which they would have hired.

“We have slept at the GMB gate for days now as we seek to deliver our produce. The process to buy grain at the local deport is snail like and we propose that government intervenes. We also propose that a long term plan, a weighbridge be constructed to quicken the process,” said some of the farmers.

Some farmers also said they are being turned away as their grain is said to be failing to meet the desired grades.

Following a successful summer cropping season, a lot of farmers in Chipinge are still to deliver their produce.

There is also fear among the farmers that further delays by GMB to buy their grain will result in it deteriorating in quality.