gmb1.jpgThe Grain Marketing Board is set to receive US$7,5million from treasury and will start paying farmers as from next week.

Farmers across the country have resorted to taking their maize crop to Matebeland provinces where they are selling on cash as the Grain Marketing Board is faced with financial challenges.

However, the GMB Corporate Communications Manager, Mrs Muriel Zemura said the board is aware of the shortcomings and the board will start paying farmers on Tuesday.

On the issue of inputs, Mrs Zemura said a US$30million facility has already been set up with subsidised inputs yet to be implemented.

Observers say the US$7,5 million will not be enough as the Grain Marketing Board owes farmers US$30 million in delivered grains.


Meanwhile, the country’s strategic grain reserves are just above 400 000 metric tonnes out of a capacity of 500 000 metric tonnes.