silos.jpgThe Grain Marketing Board says it is ready to disburse the US$10 million financial package released by government to pay for maize deliveries across its depot countrywide with effect from next week.

In a move that is expected to cushion farmers reeling under cash constraints, the GMB has revealed that it is in the process of compiling data on farmers being owed funds on grain deliveries.

GMB General Manager, Mr. Albert Mandizha confirmed that the parastatal will next week disburse the fund equally at its depots around the country to clear outstanding arrears saying it is unfortunate that the US$10 million financial injections will only benefit those farmers who delivered grain in the first two weeks of July.

Mr. Mandizha said the parastatal is prepared to disburse agricultural inputs under the US$45 million subsidised inputs facility, a move which is expected to ease farmers’ burden of purchasing inputs through converting part of the value of their grain deliveries to fertilisers and seed maize ahead of the 2011-2012 seasons.

However, Finance Minister, Mr. Tendai Biti has once again come under the spotlight for failure to consider the importance of agriculture by allocating meager funds to the strategic sector which accounts for more than 30% of the nation’s annual gross domestic product.