The Grain Marketing Board Chinhoyi Depot team was forced to excavate two large dumping pits after tipsters had indicated that there were tonnes of maize grain stashed and hidden under earth within the depot premises, ostensibly to conceal some perceived offence.

Strong looking men reportedly took turns to dig out two pits at the depot following the false reports.

However, the effort yielded a handful of sacks full of what the Manager, Mrs Siphiliwe Gawa termed sweepings, referring to chaff or trash.

The Loss Control Department ordered the exercise to ascertain if indeed there was maize stashed within the two pits, and the exercise had to be abandoned after evidence proved otherwise.

Mrs Gawa said the two pits are known to be dumping points for grain sweepings and were covered with earth after filling up.

She added that the hoax was the work of axed workers who are fighting to come back and are after soiling her name.

“We use these pits as dumping grounds for sweepings. I think this is coming from former workers who want to fix me after their contracts were terminated,” she said.

The Loss Control Department will however carry out further investigations to ascertain if there were any grain losses resulting from this season’s rains.