gmb 04-08-10.jpgThe Grain Marketing Board (GMB) is informing all farmers that the 2010/2011 marketing season which started on the 4th of April last year is ending on the 31st of March.


In a statement to ZBC News, the GMB General Manager, Mr Albert Mandizha, paid tribute to all farmers who delivered their produce to the national granary.


He also thanked the government for its committed support and commitment to ensure that the GMB achieves its mandate of ensuring national food security.


Mr Mandizha also said there has been a remarkable increase of maize deliveries since the beginning of the 2010/2011 marketing season, adding that the GMB currently holds 55% of the strategic grain reserves.


The GMB also said there was a marginal increase in wheat deliveries.


He urged farmers to increase production of small grains as it also increases the nation’s preparedness in meeting requirements for national food security.