The Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) has sent a plea to government to immediately ban the importation of bran in order to save the local milling industry.

In a letter addressed to the Lands, Agriculture and Rural Settlement Minister, Retired Chief Air Marshal Perrence Shiri, the GMAZ general manager Miss Lynnette Veremu indicated that they are concerned that the issuance of permits to import bran is hurting the local industry.

“Our concerns are that the market is now flooded by bran imports as a result of permits being issued to private companies by the government to import bran,” she said.

Bran is a by-product from the milling of wheat and maize and is mainly sold to farmers as stock feed.

The association said that they procured more than 800 000 tonnes of maize planted under command agriculture and it is sad to note that their members have run out of the market to sell their bran.

“The government should realse that we helped to provide a market for the command maize and wheat and now operations of our members are being negatively affected by this. So we call on the government to stop issuing these permits,” noted Miss Veremu.

The millers association also said the importation of bran is straining the nostro accounts of banks as foreign currency is being used to import it.