Glen View area 8 is known as a furniture hub, renowned for its excellent and economical products but the contribution of the site is dented by the poor state of working conditions that characterise the site.  

Glen View area 8 is a centre that speaks of the ingenuity of Zimbabwean men and women who are defining their destiny through furniture making.

Their contribution is felt far and wide as buyers from both the city and rural community together with retail shops thronging the centre to purchase furniture.

This massive impact derived from the furniture centre is however overrode by the level of negligence owing to poor planning and lack of social amenities at the hub that has given rise to a myriad of health hazards.

There are also no parking bays forcing transporters to improve while uncollected garbage makes the sight an eyesore.

Contacted on their plans to bring sanity to the centre, the Harare City fathers said that they are finalising a pact with a local financier to build a modern upmarket facility that will turn the centre into an incubation hub.

On a couple of times manufacturers have lost goods running into thousands of dollars after the furniture hub caught fire a situation that can be contained through proper structuring of the site.