Soccer fans world over share one thing in common, the passion for football.

Some are insanely passionate such that football has become part of their everyday life.

The world’s most beautiful game is associated with passion emotion excitement as well as dedication.

It has the ability to bring people together with passionate fans adding to the drama.

In Glen Norah C Masimbi area, ZBC News came across a unique type of soccer fans whose love for the game has transformed their lives.

A distant look will depict the picture of ordinary makeshift hair salons but a closer view tells a story of how sport impacts on people’s lives.

They might all be hair dressers but branded flags and replica jerseys of different teams both local and international tells a story of their passion for football.

Perhaps even more interesting is the manner in which the hair dressers associate their hairdressing skills to the teams that they follow.

Amid the descriptions given by the hairdressers one then wonders what a tiki-taka hair style would look like, while South American fans may also be eager to establish what kind of a hairstyle would come out of a samba approach.