mujuru church.jpgZimbabweans have been urged to recognise and give proper and dignified burial to the fallen heroes and heroines as they are the ones who brought liberation and the freedom of worship which the country is currently enjoying.

This was said by Vice President Joice Mujuru in Harare at the launch of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe.

Apostle Johannes Ndanga revealed that bones lying in Mkumbura River in Mashonaland Central need to be properly buried.



Cde Mujuru told thousands of the Apostolic and Zion followers that the freedom of worship the country enjoys is a result of those who sacrificed their lives to liberate the country from colonial bondage, adding that the programme of reburial should not be manipulated by anyone. 

“Something needs to be done to bury our fallen heroes and heroines and want to warn everyone that the programme is not to make money but to give last respect and should be done properly,“ said Cde Mujuru.

She also took the opportunity to castigate leaders who promote party violence saying they are not true leaders from a revolutionary party of the people.


Cde Mujuru said the council will help the worshippers to speak with one voice.

“Leaders who call for violence are mediocre leaders so these leaders should follow the true leadership of Kaguvi,” added Cde Mujuru.

She said the government is more than prepared to take on board and support the apostolic sect in empowerment projects considering that they are well known for self reliance.

President of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe, Mr. Johannes Ndanga said true leaders should recognise the power of the struggle and the blood that was shed during the liberation war thus openly declaring the fruits of the struggle.

He said the Apostolic church through the council would like to realign itself with global standards and values thus reducing bogus sects which are committing crimes in the name of religion.

Head of the Cultural Centre of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr Mohammaoud Asadhi spoke of how Muslims and Christians can live together to make a better country through tolerance.

Through the council, ministers in the apostolic sect will be able to have recognized marriage officers. The Apostolic Christian council has an affiliation of 34 churches.