Tales of witchcraft abound in Zimbabwe but some are so bizarre.

A 10 year old girl from Nembudziya in Gokwe is afflicted with a mysterious condition that saw her mother trekking to Harare to find a solution to her daughter’s problem.

Many Zimbabweans, especially those who grow up in rural areas, find it difficult to dismiss the existence of witchcraft.

ZINATHA estimates that 75 percent of people in Zimbabwe recognise some aspects of African traditional religion and witchcraft.

Most Christians however prefer to quote the book of Ephesians which acknowledges that witches exist but are powerless before God.

When one listens to the story of the 10 year old girl from Nembudziya, they can just feel sorry for the girl who for the past two weeks has been popping thorns from her leg.

The girl’s mother claims that so far she has collected more than 40 thorns that are mysteriously popping out of her daughter’s leg.

Early last year, Zimbabweans had the horrific experience of watching yet another bizarre story of a young girl from Buhera who had small pieces of wire coming out of her leg.

The girl was later referred to Sekuru Benjamin Nyaude and the girl from nembudziya was also directed to the same man, who without hesitation claimed that indeed what was happening to the young girl was plain witchcraft and nothing else.

Sekuru Nyaude, who also claims to heal diseases like cancer and HIV and AIDS said most people are losing money by consulting doctors who deal in conventional medicines when their diseases require traditional solutions.

For interest sake, the ZBC News crew requested contact details of the young girl’s mother and will be following up on her in a weeks’ time to find out if the thorns have stopped popping out of her daughter’s leg.

Some people get deeply disturbed that tales of witchcraft, superstition and other ridiculous medieval tales still find many believers.

It doesn’t matter how educated people are, they are those willing to believe the tallest and weirdest of tales.