The Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church in partnership with the Girl Child Network and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)’ Victim Friendly Unit have intensified the ‘End It Now Campaign’ in Hwange with calls for the empowerment of the girl child as part of efforts to reduce cases of violence and sexual harassment.

The number of juvenile rape cases have remained high in Matabeleland North province with calls for a multi-sectoral approach in ending all forms of violence against the girl child.

SDA West Zimbabwe Conference Women’s Ministry Director, Shepherdess Thandazile Bafana said the church affirms dignity and worth of each human being and denounce all forms physical and sexual abuse against the girl child.

“This initiative is basically meant to raise awareness and share solutions on ways of ending all forms of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. It is a call to action for all Adventists and partners in this fight against child abuse,” she said.

Partners in the End It Now Campaign said there is urgent need to empower the girl child as part of efforts to reduce cases of abuse and doing away with all cultural practices that perpetuate the exploitation of the girl child.

The church has been identified as a key stakeholder in the fight against child abuse.

On its part, the government of Zimbabwe has prioritised the implementation of a regulatory framework to protect children from sexual abuse.