Young innovators have been rewarded for their creativity in sustainable development projects, following the completion of the second and third phase of the Green Innovations Hub(GiHub) project which was launched by UNICEF and SNV in 2017.

The green innovation hub, a platform for young people to express their views and explore sustainable development opportunities and has innovators showcasing their creativity.

Speaking at the Green innovation hub learning and sharing event in Harare this Wednesday, Green Innovation Hub Project Manager and Deputy Country Director of SNV Zimbabwe, Mr Cloffas Nyagumbo highlighted the advantages of the initiative to youths and the economy.

“We have opportunities for youths in areas of agriculture, energy, water and sanitation because we believe if we tackle these this will catapult the nations to the next level and we have another four year programme where we will reach a wider project and motivate more young people and innovators,” said Mr Nyagumbo.

Exhibiting innovators were praised for their sustainable interventions with UNICEF Zimbabwe Country Representative, Ms Leylee Moshiri saying the projects will assist in addressing various challenges including unemployment, climate change and environmental degradation.

“We would like to bring more youth on board with their ideas and they need space to develop their ideas and we will try to ensure we can expand opportunities for them; there are so many ideas and the young people should not give up on their ideas,” said Ms Moshiri.

Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Minister, Kirsty Coventry said Zimbabwe is endowed with abundant talent and commended youths for their dedication despite the prevailing macro-economic challenges.

“It is amazing to see the talent that we have in Zimbabwe but what’s more inspiring to me is the passion and the drive that these young people have, we know things are tough right now but to see the passion, it truly is inspiring, it is the young population that will drive Zimbabwe to its height towards a middle-income economy,” said Minister Coventry.

The young innovators were rewarded for their sterling creations with the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe offering a package comprising free mentorship programmes, software solutions and networking opportunities among others.