queing for zim passport.jpgScores of Zimbabweans have resorted to sleeping in waiting queues in the open, exposing themselves to adverse weather conditions in their quest to secure a Zimbabwean passport.


The desire to acquire a Zimbabwean passport has forced many Zimbabweans in the capital to brave the rainy weather as they queue at night waiting for their turn to submit their passport application and other forms at the Registrar General’s offices the following day.

Some of the people who spoke to ZBC news said they have waited in the night queues for two days and said some unscrupulous people have been selling them queue position numbers for US$20.

They say the Registrar General’s office should manage the queue and ensure those waiting for their turn to be served are not fleeced off their hard earned cash.

The RG’s office has already admitted to the unscrupulous activities by some members of the public who request for payment in facilitating the processing of passports, identity cards and other documents and promised to take action.

However, the warning seems to have fallen on deaf ears as some greedy and corrupt characters continue to rip off ordinary citizens.