Negotiations between government and the labour unions should take cognisance of the prevailing economic climate in the nation.

Those calling for a reality check especially on the part of labour say non monetary benefits must be the way to go and the workers must give government breathing space to direct funding towards production.

Workers should not think that by arm twisting government to give in to their monetary demands, they are scoring a victory says legislator Terence Mukupe who is also a member of the portfolio committee on industry and commerce.

Cde Mukupe says by now workers should be able to take a conscious decision to give government breathing space so that the little available funds are channelled towards reviving production in the nation.

The Affirmative Action Group says one of the realities civil servants have to accept is that the economy is not performing at its best and rather than asking what they can get from government, they should be looking at what they can do to assist government.

And at a time when there have been calls for tough knee jerk decisions, there is an argument that Zimbabwean civil servants must accept that a bonus is not a privilege but a reward given out of a ticking economy.

In the context of these discussions there is a wake up signal to the workers who are being urged to take a look into the mirror and ask if they really must be making the demands they are sticking to considering the prevailing economic realities.