senator sk moyo.jpgThe visiting German delegation, which comprises of representatives from the European country’s parliament, has pledged support for Zimbabwe’s agrarian reform regardless of the existence of illegal EU sanctions.

Head of the delegation, Mr Stefan Liebich told Zanu PF Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, that Germany and Zimbabwe will continue to work together as the two countries seek to engage despite the existence of illegal EU and US sanctions.



While acknowledging that there is need to move fast in completing the writing of the country’s constitution and thereby hold elections, the German delegation said its visit is a sign of his country’s commitment towards the normalisation of relations between the two countries.

“Our visit here is a sign of hope that relations between our two countries will normalise,” said Mr Liebich.

Responding to questions from the delegation on human rights and freedom of the press in Zimbabwe, Ambassador Moyo reminded the visiting group that Zanu PF fought for a larger picture of human rights through the liberation war that removed a colonial government, which specialised in trampling on people’s rights, adding that the country is awash with private newspapers, a sign of media freedom.

“As far as human rights are concerned, we fought for human rights when we waged our liberation struggle that brought us independence in 1980,” he said.

In a direct reference to the politicisation by the MDC-T of the arrest of Energy and Power Development Minister, Mr Elton Mangoma, Ambassador Moyo said no one is above the law in Zimbabwe, adding that the law will take its course on anyone found on the wrong end regardless of political affiliation.  

The German delegation is on a two-day visit, which comes on the backdrop of another visit a month and a half ago by a trade delegation from the same country in what analysts say is confirmation that the country wants to re-engage with Zimbabwe.

Germany is also distancing itself from the bilateral dispute between Zimbabwe and Britain with the major European power now against the illegal western sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.