sk moyo 29-11-10.jpgZanu-PF National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo, has paid tribute to the Federal Republic of Germany’s conciliatory position in face of the recently extended illegal sanctions by the European Union.


The Zanu-PF National Chairman met a delegation of three representatives from the Federal Republic of German at the party offices.


Ambassador Moyo noted the softening stance that the Germans have taken of late which experts say are a departure from the tradition of other European Union members who recently extended illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by another year.


The delegation consisted of German Ambassador to Zimbabwe Albrecht Conze, his deputy Martina Wurm Dittkrist and the country’s Director of African Affairs Ambassador Walter Lindner who was appointed three months ago.


Ambassador Lindner noted that Germany believes in its own position as far as relations with Zimbabwe are concerned.


German Ambassador to Zimbabwe Albrecht Conze said the country is looking at consolidating excellent relations with Zimbabwe and will be involved in a multi- donor initiative which comes with no conditions attached.


In February the EU extended illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by a further one year.



Analysts say the bloc’s decision will in the long run hurt European countries’ economies as Zimbabwe has resources needed for their industries.