brig-general mbita 2.jpgSome Generals from the region and neighbouring countries who attended the burial ceremony of Retired General Solomon Mujuru at the National Heroes’ Acre in Harare have described the late commander of commanders as great fighter who inspired other liberation movements in the Region .


Retired Brigadier General Hashim Mbita and former Tanzanian Ambassador to Zimbabwe (pictured), who knew the late Cde Solomon Tapfumanei Mujuru from 1974 when Ambassador Mbita assumed the Chairmanship of the Organisation of African Unity’s Liberation Committee which had the difficult task of sourcing and distributing materials to the liberation movements that were being given shelter and training facilities in camps that were scattered throughout Tanzania said the late General Mujuru played a crucial role in unifying liberation cadres after the death of ZANU Chairman, Cde Herbert Chitepo and the arrest of the leaders.

Brigadier-General Mbita implored Zimbabweans to safeguard and preserve the legacy that Cde Mujuru and other heroes sacrificed for.

He called on parents, teachers and educational institutions to teach and instil the virtue of sacrifice to ensure a safe future for the country’s legacy, saying it was because of this virtue shown by the likes of the late Mujuru that Zimbabweans are free today.

South Africa’s chief of army training, Major-General, Vusimuzi Masondo , a participant of Umkhonto Wesizwe ,who was representing the Commander of the South African Defence Forces General Chioke said the late General Mujuru’s bravery and commitment was a source of inspiration for the South African cadres who were waging their own war of liberation.

The Commander of the Mozambican Defence Forces, Major-General Graca Chongo said without the name of Solomon Tapfumanei Mujuru, Zimbabwe’s history would not be complete.

He said Zimbabwe’s loss is also that of Mozambique and the region where Zimbabwe Defence Forces played a crucial role in peacekeeping after independence.

The death of Retired General Solomon Mujuru marks the end of an era , as he is the last of Pioneer ZANLA Commanders, who are late General Josiah Magama Tongogara, the late General Vitalis Zvinavashe, the late Cde William Ndangana, the late Mayor Urimbo , the late Robson Manyika and the late Justin Chauke.