The Goat Breeders Association of Zimbabwe (GBAZ) has embarked on a capacity building initiative aimed at improving boer goat breeds, meat quality and commercial trade.

Boer goat breeding in Zimbabwe is set to improve following a capacity building exercise initiated by GBAZ with assistance from South African breeders.

Speaking at a training seminar for boer goat breeders, president of the GBAZ Mr Chrispen Kadiramwando said the programme is setting standards for breeding with the ultimate aim being increasing value for the farmer.

Mr Peter Botha, a boer goat specialist from South Africa’s Eastern Cape said boer goats are bred mainly for meat and farmers have to follow the proper practices to achieve optimum weights and profits.

The country has a goat herd of about 3 million, but not much commercial value has been realised by farmers despite high demand in the retail sector and from the Muslim community as well as from the Middle East.