Workers at the SMM Holdings-owned Gaths Mine in Mashava are up in arms against a management decision to evict them from their current homes to the nearby King Mine.

Workers and their dependants residing at the Gaths Mine houses are furious at a decision by management to relocate them.

The workers are citing inconveniences such as distance to nearby schools, dilapidated homes being offered and a general disregard of their welfare.  They say the mine management is being inconsiderate.

While the SMM-owned mines have been placed under judicial management as government seeks for partners to revive the mine, workers have gone for long periods without their salaries.

The workers argue that in the current conditions, the management should not even be thinking about removing them.

Probed for a response, SMM Holdings Group Chief Executive Officer Mr Chirandu Dlembeu told the ZBC News that the move to relocate the workers is not newsworthy as it is an internal affair.

An estimated 9 kilometres separates Gaths Mine and King Mine.