Forget about okra, pumpkin leaves, mancimbi, roadrunner or any other popular traditional foods, some innovative Zimbabweans have come up with another delicacy of mixed meats to tickle the taste-buds called ‘gango’.

The ‘gango’ craze has taken over the hangout joints in cities across the country, as chefs and food enthusiasts converged at Belgravia Sports Club yesterday for the first ever Gango Festival where people from different classes of life were treated with various barbaque and traditional stir fry dishes.

The word ‘gango’ is a Shona expression derived from the English word ‘roast’ depicting the cooking method which is usually the frying of meats in a bit of cooking oil over a heat source, which can either be gas or firewood on a braai stand.

Gango has now taken over as the in-thing in terms of traditional cuisine.

It consists of a mixed bag of different types of meats which are pan fried.

The chef will throw in beef cubes, beef liver, chicken livers, gizzards, and anything that is edible meat and can be stir fried with a mixture of vegetables.

This dish has become very popular in many cities across the country with some food outlets and popular hangout joints now including the delicacy on their menus.

The popularity of the ‘gango’ cuisine has resulted in the staging of the first ever Gango Festival and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC’s) Power FM was the official media partner for the festival that brought together gango masters and gango lovers to sample the delicacies.

Food lovers who graced the festival where a number of musicians kept the crowd on their feet, said the event was good for uniting families and friends.

Director of Gango Festival, Blessing Jeke said the festival is meant to tickle taste buds as well as giving the people the opportunity to meet their favourite DJs and artistes.

The sweet aroma that filled the area surrounding Belgravia Sports Club was enough to attract passersby who had left home with no intention of dining out.

It would not be long before those who avoid hanging out in entertainment joints, join the craze and try the recipe in the comfort of their homes as long as they just add the right meats and vegetables.