Ganges Road which leads from the capital city to ZESA Training Centre in Harare is in a sorry state with drivers concerned over its neglection.

What used to be an airstrip and later turned into a road, Ganges Road has now been reduced to a pothole infested route with cars moving in a zig-zag manner.

The road is used by students and employees from Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) College, ZESA Training Centre and Belvedere Technical Teachers College among other institutions.

Meanwhile, ZESA Training Centre training and development manager Tawanda Mugumbate implored the city fathers to work on the road to allow for smooth institution operations.

“We appeal to the responsible authorities to refurbish this road. Many people are not willing to visit our offices because of the poor state of the road and imagine how many institutions are affected by this one route,” he said.

Although most roads in the capital city are full of potholes, the responsible authorities are on record saying they are addressing challenges but nothing tangible has been done so far.