Zimbabwe’s health system is uniform in both urban and rural areas, hence the country’s good health service delivery, a Gambian delegation has said.

The sentiments emerged as the 19-member Gambian delegation, which was on a 10 day familiarisation tour of Zimbabwe’s health system, debriefed on its findings.

“Zimbabwe’s health personnel in both urban and rural settings are dedicated and cooperative, hence the uniformity in service delivery,” the delegation head and Permanent Secretary in the Gambian Vice President’s office, Mrs Nancy Naming.

She added that her country stands to benefit from this knowledge exchange.

Mrs Naming attributed the good health system to sound leadership in the country and hailed the hospitality her delegation received.

Project coordinators for the Results Based Financing (RBF) Programme for the Gambia and Zimbabwe; Mr Modou Cheyassin Phall and Dr Rosemary Mhlanga Gunda spoke on the milestone achievements that have been scored under the programme.

Dr Mhlanga Gunda added that at the inception of the RBF Programme, they hosted three Gambians and this year’s increase in the delegation is a sign that the programme is a success.

The Permanent Secretary on the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Gerald Gwinji noted that they will use the comprehensive report to review their health system and correct on the gaps highlighted.

Dr Gwinji said they will look at the positives and negatives since the report pinpointed long queues in health centres and the incinerators which are not functioning.

The country has adopted deliberate policies to enhance the health service system such as private partnerships and the introduction of a mobile health levy to fund for medical needs, highlighting why regional and international states want to learn from Zimbabwe.