Chipinge town is slowly becoming a furniture production hub as over 500 people joined the trade after council availed working space for the emerging entrepreneurs in 2010.

The empowerment initiative that saw Chipinge council allocating land to youths who wanted to venture into carpentry and furniture making business in the year 2010 has led to the growth of the furniture making business in Chipinge.

Dubbed ‘The Glenview of Manicaland or The Chipinge Light Industry’, the furniture manufacturing centre has transformed the lives of many says beneficiaries of the project.

They noted the project is a celebration of the success stories of the government’s empowerment programmes.

Youth officer Prosper Sithole whose department worked in partnership with the council and the Ministry of SMEs to promote the empowerment initiative said there is now need to construct buildings in the town’s centre to gain more visibility.

Furniture making in Chipinge is set to flourish due to the town’s comparative advantage of having readily available raw materials due to large forest plantations in the province.