Has anyone ever wondered what happens when one of those living in the streets passes on?

Do relatives of the street fathers, mothers and children get notified or the street family is left to conduct procedures to bury their kind?

They have left their homes for many varying reasons making the streets their new home and fellow street dwellers their nearest kith and kin.

Many of us have also not bothered to wonder what happens in their circle of survival let alone when one of them dies.

The ZBC News witnessed one incident in the streets of Harare after one, Takawira Gava, succumbed to liver complications due to abuse of alcohol.

Dumbfound and with no financial muscle to bury their own, the street dwellers only had a sigh of relief after a Good Samaritan in the form of one, Mr Billary Mutodzaniswa intervened and sponsored the burial of Gava.

However, interesting to note is the fact that even in the street life, funeral rituals are also undertaken.

After Gava’s death, the street family paraded his coffin, making a special stop at his favourite spot or is it called home at the corner of Julius Nyerere and Nkwame Nkruma streets.

It is a race finished for Gava who luckily benefited a decent send off but the worry is on the future of those still on the streets where revelations are that the girl child is the least respected citizen.

For now, Mr Mutodzaniswa has become a street hero dearly loved by the street family.