Profiteering is the ultimate aim of any business.

Sometimes there is no emotional consideration for the public as businessmen search for the elusive dollar.

There are businesses that are built on unique.

The business of funeral is one such concept.

A couple of people who are in the business say they really thought about it but of course this kind of business has its ups and downs considering the fact that it is at its peak whether there is a death or anything that has to do with death.

Mrs Leticia Ruzururo of Zvishavane said she and her husband conceived the idea in 2013.

There have been profits along the way of course, but there are moments not short of sentiments from the public.

We do not encourage nor look forward to death says those who are in funeral flowers business, but reality stands upon the fact that this is the sole reason why they are in business.

Flowers do really have a huge impact.

A recorded incident in ancient times tells the story of a woman who after losing her loved one wrote, “You forgot the flowers on the kitchen table, i have kept them in a jar of water. It smells as if you are still here…”

Many of us love the story of a happy ending but perhaps in the analysis of this kind of business one wonders whether people who are in this type of business really love happy endings because to a large extent tears or remembering a dead one is far from being a happy ending story.