chombo ignatius 01.09.10.jpgZANU PF Secretary for Lands who is also Minister of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, Cde Ignatius Chombo says newly resettled farmers who are leasing out part of their farms to some white former commercial farmers risk losing allocated land.


Speaking at a media briefing in Harare, ZANU PF Secretary for lands, Dr Ignatius Chombo said failure by the newly resettled farmers to fully utilise their land on their own and requiring assistance or being used by the white farmers as fronts is defeating the noble cause of the land reform.


He said the land reform programme was a resounding victory as it managed to resettle over 23 785 households across the country under both A1 and A2 schemes, adding that land under maize production rose by 20% from the previous season which is the highest in 30 years.


“Reports show that production has gone up by 7%. Cotton, poultry and animal breeding sectors have also shown an upward trend in production,” Dr Chombo said.


Cde Chombo said as the government seeks to consummate the land reform programme, various supporting programmes such as farm mechanisation, extension services to help farmers, infrastructure development in the form of irrigation facilities and technology transfer through agriculture cooperation has seen a large number of farmers benefiting.


Analysts say it is clear the revolutionary land reform has seen an increase in the participation of small and medium sized companies in value addition and manufacturing.


This has seen the widening of the economic framework as well as increasing the participation of local Zimbabwean companies in agro processing once dominated by large white owned companies.