fuel_tanks.jpgGovernment says there is need for the treasury and other critical stakeholders to avail resources for the construction of facilities for fuel strategic reserves to prevent future shortages.


This came out during a public hearing on the fuel situation organised by the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Mines and Energy Development on the fuel shortages experienced in the country during the past few weeks.


The secretary for Energy and Power Development, Mr Justin Mupamhanga, noted that the fuel crisis, which has however since improved, was attributed to various challenges among them lack of bulk storage.


“There has not been any meaningful buffer stock as the current facilities for the strategic reserves could not store large quantities of fuel. We are hoping for a situation whereby we have huge facilities to store bulk fuel. We have one in Mabvuku and during the fuel crisis, we were able to get I million litres from the Mabvuku reserve,” said Mr Mupamhanga.


fuel price.jpg

He noted that 61 oil companies have registered confirming that some are still applying for registration.


Turning to the unbundling of NOCZIM, he said it is complete and currently legal formalities are underway to ensure that the two companies Petroleum trading and the National oil infrastructure company of Zimbabwe are put in place.


During the public hearing, it also emerged that there were fears that a South African oil company Noah might have swindled government of money as it is yet to deliver 5 million liters of diesel bought during the peak of the fuel crisis.