The motoring public in Bulawayo is disturbed by the shortage of fuel which has seen long queues at most service stations with limited deliveries that have failed to serve the needs of sprouting city.

Most people in the country’s second largest city are spending hours in fuel queues.

The ZBC News observed that almost every service station in the city had long queues as motorists waited for possible delivery with only selected service centers receiving the commodity, thus creating a scramble for fuel.

Those who spoke to the ZBC News said it has been a disappointing period as they continue to wait for the normalisation of the situation, while others pointed to some dirty deals being done by the service stations who stand accused of supplying more fuel to illegal fuel dealers who are all over the city ready to provide relief to those who need it urgently.

The situation has seen commuter operators raising their fares from 50 cents to between 70 cents and $1 an issue that has strained budgets of commuters.

The current situation has also seen some big retail outlets closing shop entirely, an issue that has raised eyebrows on the possible political hand aimed at creating a shortage of basic commodities.