mbare msika.jpgPrices of most fresh produce at Mbare Musika are continuing on a downward trend due to unfavorable summer conditions.

Tomatoes, which were selling at $10 for a 10 kilogramme box last week, have slid further by $2 to trade at $8.

Onions also went down a dollar and are now trading at $7 for a 10 kilogramme packet.

Carrots which last week were trading at $8 for a 10kg pocket plunged to $6, while peas also went a $1 down to sell at $2 for a 2kg tin.

Due to the hot weather conditions which make vegetables wilt faster, the price of green vegetables have gone down from $2 for a five kg bundle to a dollar.

Cabbages were valued at $1 for 2 while medium heads were pegged at $1 for 3 heads.

Potatoes remained stagnant at $10 for a 15kg pocket while butternuts were selling at $2 for a 10 kg pocket.

Bananas were unmoved at $8 for an 18kg box while oranges were selling at $2 for a 10kg pocket.