frelimo.jpgMembers of the Frelimo party in Zimbabwe, in solidarity with members of the Zanu PF Youth League, marked the Mozambique Heroes Day with a march in Harare, amid calls for the two country’s citizens to uphold the values by the founding fathers of the revolutionary parties.

Mozambique, which is one of Zimbabwe’s closest allies, having played a pivotal role during the liberation struggle by supporting the armed struggle through the provision training camps, offices and weapons, commemorated its Heroes Day on the 3rd of February.

As a way of respecting and celebrating the contributions of heroes from both Zimbabwe and Mozambique during the war of independence, several Frelimo and Zanu PF members marched and carried out a clean up campaign along Samora Michael and Herbert Chitepo avenues.

First Secretary of the Frelimo Party in Zimbabwe, Issufo Carimo emphasised the need for the two country’s citizens to cherish the sacrifice made by both the living and fallen heroes in face of the growing western country’s renewed neo-colonial machinations.

Member of the Zanu PF Youth League, Cde Innocent Nyamuronda implored the youths to be vigilant in defence of the country’s sovereignty.

“There is need for us to remain united in fight against neo-colonialism and to uphold the spirit of unity and patriotism demonstrated by the revolutionary parties’ founding fathers,” he said.

A celebrated hero of the Mozambican liberation struggle, the late Mozambican President, Cde Samora Michael, who died 25 years ago, was assassinated on the 19th of October 1986.

Cde Machel was the commander of the Mozambican Revolutionary Army and the first legitimate president of Mozambique.

The climax of the march by members of the two parties was when members of the Frelimo Women’s League performed the traditional mafue dance, which used to be staged during the struggle as a way of welcoming the cadres from the war front.