More remains of Zimbabwe’s fallen sons and daughters continue to be discovered and the tour of Mozambique by a Zimbabwean delegation last week was punctuated by a heavy spiritual presence where the remains of Cde Chisora Chigogo were exhumed.

When Mbuya Nehanda proclaimed ‘mapfupa angu achamuka’ meaning ‘my bones will rise again’ she was indeed abstractly making a national declaration to the effect that no fallen and lost Zimbabwean liberation fighter must die in war and remain in oblivion for their remains must be found for them to be given proper burial.

This was proved true during a visit to the Chimoio shrine where the spirit of the departed fallen freedom fighter manifested itself leading to the burial place where the remains of the late Cde Chisora Chigogo were exhumed.

The bones of Mbuya Nehanda spoke again this time through Tarise Chigogo who directed the Zimbabwean touring delegation at Chimoio to the exact spot when her late elder brother Cde Chisora Chigogo’s remains were lying.

Tarise Chigogo leads the delegation to where her late brother’s remain were lying

Tarise manifestation also retraced the steps that the late Cde Chigogo took in his attempt to escape the enemy force.

Other family members Mr Stain Chigogo and Mrs Matinetsa Parangeti, who came all the way from Mount Darwin to celebrate the Heroes Day, testified that the spirit of the late former freedom fighter started manifesting on Tarise two weeks ago giving an account of how Cde Chigogo was killed and the exact burial place, thus giving the family a peaceful closure to the matter.

An emotional spiritual presence which could almost pass off as a confirmation that the spirit of the departed who are yet to be discovered are still groaning for attention engulfed the Chimoio shrine before team could depart for Nyangau shrines.

Chimoio shrine


Perhaps until the entire nation’s sons and daughter are given a peaceful final recognition only then will there be finality.

The Zimbabwean delegation toured Nyadzonia, Chimoio and Nyangau shrines to pay tribute to fallen freedom fighters as part of the Heroes Day and Defence Forces Day celebrations in Mozambique.