Parents whose children are admitted at state run hospitals have applauded the government for enforcing the free user fee policy that is enabling children under five, the elderly over 65 and pregnant mothers to access healthcare free of charge.

The free user fee policy which was introduced by the government in December last year as part of the 100-day economic incentive to make health services accessible to all, has brought relief  to many Zimbabweans who were finding the cost of medical care beyond their reach.

Despite the anxiety around the new implementation matrix, mothers with children who are admitted at Chitungwiza Central Hospital confirmed the institution is complying with the government directive and the positive response has seen children accessing health care without any delays.

Included in the policy is the slashing of blood price to $50 at state-run institutions.

A mother whose child was awaiting blood transfusion said she is grateful that her son will be getting the required amount of blood for free.

In the past, state run institutions have not been implementing the free user policy because they have not been getting adequate resources to cater for the heavy costs associated with offering free health care.

As part of the 100 day plan, Treasury has introduced a health levy which is being used to procure vital medicines and medical sundries required by the service providers in order for them to be able to absorb the costs associated with the successful implementation of the policy.