Former Eskom acting chief executive Matshela Koko says he will stop load shedding in Zimbabwe in the next 12 months, even though his solar company‘s planned plant is only capable of producing a projected 100 MW against Zim‘s 900 MW shortfall.

Matshela Energy has been planning to build a solar plant in Zimbabwe which is expected to produce around 100 MW of electricity.

Zimbabwe is facing an electricity supply crisis, which has led to rotational load shedding with outages lasting up to 18 hours.

Demand for power in the country currently stands at an average 1 700 megawatts, but internal supply averages just under 1 000MW, at best, leaving a gap that either needs to be imported or alternatively shed off the grid.

Zimbabwe has two major power stations — Hwange with rated capacity of 920MW but only manages a maximum 700MW (due to antiquated equipment), assuming all units are in production and Kariba South, a 1 050MW plant that is currently allowed to do a maximum 358MW due to law lake water levels.