town house 04-08-10.jpgAt least 400 former Harare municipal workers are seeking reinstatement or compensation claiming that they were laid off unprocedurally in 2008 and have not received any money.

The former workers who were general hands were laid off in 2008 and say they have not received a single cent from the city fathers who have been referring them from one office to the other.

Although the matter is before arbitration, the desperate workers are demanding that either they be reinstated or compensated.

The workers’ representative, Mr Regis Maguva said the matter has taken too long while the former workers are suffering and called on Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister, Dr Ignatius Chombo to intervene, adding that the Harare City Council has proved that it has no heart for its former workers.

Responding to the issue, Harare City Council Spokesperson, Mr Leslie Gwindi said he was not aware of such an issue and would only be in a position to comment after verifying with the Human Resources Department.

The city council has a bloated wage bill and has been struggling to pay its workers.