marimba.jpgSix former Churchill students have formed an Afro-Acoustic fusion marimba ensemble called ‘Tambarimba’ with the aim of perfecting the art of Zimbabwean traditional music.

Joyous, energetic, foot-stomping dance music erupts from the hardwood keys, played by a youthful marimba ensemble of the former Churchill students to produce some solid interlocking rhythms and melodic lines.

The six owe their musical abilities to their former school where they were taught to play various traditional instruments including marimba, mbira and hosho among other traditional instruments.

The ensemble which is being managed by Don Chidavaenzi is already touring the country providing professional marimba entertainment.

“Having realised that these young boys were so talented in playing marimba, I decided to buy them various instruments, including marimba so that they could be kept occupied taking over from where they left when they were still in school. This is a way to keep them occupied,” said Chidavaenzi.

The youthful group said Tambarimba ensemble is now a great musical foundation since their music has now become a vehicle for experiencing the joy of marimba music.

Most of their instrumental tunes such as Mukanya, She is On Fire and Gospel medley are based on traditional and modern songs done in contemporary styles.

“Our aim is to provide high class professional marimba to the people of Zimbabwe and we would like to work on our album with music that highlights true Zimbabwean music.

“We have now perfected the art of marimba music and we aim to tour various places and beyond for some cultural exchange programmes,” said one of the students.

Their group’s music has a great arrangement, and their choice of songs is easy to listen to and dance to as they are based on traditional and contemporary folk music.