Masvingo Provincial Chairperson of the Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association, Mr Otiniere Tavirayi has urged players in the construction sector in Masvingo to form consortiums so that they bid for contracts as one united force.

This comes as the construction sector is hard hit by the liquidity crisis, with players complaining about unavailability of loans to boost operations.

Opportunities are however opening up in the sector, with the construction of the Beitbridge – Harare highway being one key project set to benefit local companies.

“Contractors in Masvingo stand to benefit more if they form consortiums and bid for big projects which they do not have the capacity to handle as individual companies. The biggest challenge we have as Masvingo constructors is that each player wants to play alone, we do not work together but surely if we form consortiums, we can tackle many contracts that are slipping away at the moment,” Mr Tavirayi said.

Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association President, Engineer Ransom Nherera noted that financial institutions need to start prioritising the sector when issuing out loans as they have the capacity to bring in foreign currency through securing contracts beyond the country’s borders.

“The construction sector is not prioritised when banks are giving out loans. We need the sector to help us to build up. We can actually make a difference to the country’s economy but we are not getting the necessary support,” he said.

40% of the work to be done on the construction of the Beitbridge – Harare highway is being reserved for local companies.