Foreign tourists are dominating Zimbabwe’s hospitality sector earnings with projections of a 60 percent rise in revenue streams by year end.

The dominance of earnings from the foreign tourist arrivals is an indication Zimbabwe is a viable and safe portfolio for tourism and hospitality services, said African Sun Limited group chief executive officer, Mr Edwin Shangwa.

“There is need to consolidate the earnings on the back of the rise from the foreign tourist arrivals,” he said.

Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) president, Mr George Manyumwa noted that despite the surge in terms of revenues from the external  tourist markets, there is also need to focus on the domestic market in order to avoid risks of relying  on a single source of income.

“More can be done to tap the relevant markets as we seek to increase earnings,” said Mr Manyumwa.

The recently released 2017 annual budget review, states that the travel and hospitality sector is this year estimated to register a 4.5 percent growth.