saviour_kasukuwere 07-03-11.jpgIn its ‘tit for tat’ response to sanctions, the government has compiled a list of 400 western companies and is mapping out strategies to ensure that the corporations adhere to the indigenisation regulations as their parent countries imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe

Although Britain and her allies imposed illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, there are about 400 western companies still operating in Zimbabwe and enjoying maximum economic benefits, a development which all progressive Zimbabweans say must end forthwith.

Responding to the calls by the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe, that these companies from the former coloniser and imperial America as well as other western nations should be the prime target for the indigenisation programme, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister, Cde Saviour Kasukuwere said they have already compiled a full list of the companies with a clear roadmap being implemented to fulfill the indigenisation programme.

“We have compiled a comprehensive list of these companies for the indigenisation programme. Of course, they have to comply [and] if they don’t, we [will] move in with drastic measures,” he said.

Cde Kasukuwere noted that these companies are a threat to the economic development agenda as they can be used to perpetuate the interests of the west.

He cited an example of foreign banks that are not willing to support farmers as they are opposed to the land reform programme, adding that the corporates will not be allowed to loot the country’s resources.

“We cannot have a situation whereby their countries imposed sanctions on us and they still operate freely, they should also be put under sanctions,” Cde Kasukuwere added.baclays banks.jpg

In his address to multitudes of people at the National Anti Sanctions Petition Campaign Launch, which was attended by over 1.4 million people last Wednesday, Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe said time has come for Zimbabwe to take drastic action against companies whose governments are needlessly punishing the people of this country with sanctions.

Britain and her allies have continued to benefit from the country’s resources whilst the vicious sanctions regime is still in place with banks such as Braclays, Standard Chartered unwilling to support the country’s land reform and indigenisation programmes.