warriors2.jpgThe Footballers Union of Zimbabwe is putting pressure on the Premier Soccer League and the Zimbabwe Football Association, to adopt a firm medical policy to ensure the welfare of players is adequately catered for, before the 2011 premiership season commences.

‘Act with speed’ are the words from the Warriors kingpin, Paul Gundani and Footballers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General, who has expressed great concern with regards to the medical welfare of local football stars.

Gundani who watched many footballers careers come to an end during his playing career, reckons the Premier Soccer league and ZIFA need to come up with a clear policy that looks into the medical welfare of players before the 2011 season begins.

Gundani’s remarks follow the disruption of the careers of players such as Samson Choruwa, Francis Madziva and Desmond Maringwa through injury without any form of compensation.

Internationally, soccer leagues purchase health insurance for their teams, a policy which guarantees that players injured in official events or league-sponsored practices will not have to pay all of the hospital bills associated with their injuries, a scenario that is non-existent on the domestic league.