dr timothy stamps.jpgHealth Advisor in the President’s Office, Dr Timothy Stamps has urged society to be wary of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) which have become a real threat especially with the country’s attention being focused on the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Dr Stamps, who will be conducting a free medical check up on NCDs in Harare on the 15th to the 16th of this month, says the nation must also focus on non-communicable diseases which have been labeled silent killers.

“I think there is too much concentration on fighting HIV, AIDS and other diseases like cholera, so we want to restore the balance,” said Dr Stamps.

Dr Stamps urged people to practice some health habits which will help in diagnosing non-communicable diseases before they seek medical attention.

The disease burden from NCDs in Africa is rapidly increasing and health experts world over have encouraged countries to increase awareness on the dangers of NCDs.

Non-communicable diseases, which include high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular, among others, are currently posing the biggest threat to human life globally.