With the President having been sworn in and his message for the rebirth of Zimbabwe clearly delivered, focus has now shifted towards appointments to the next cabinet.

The past nine months set targets for various ministries, some achieved, some failed, and history is set to judge those that were in the old cabinet as a new cabinet is set to rise.

The voice of the ordinary man says President Emmerson Mnangagwa must appoint a development oriented cabinet, blending hard workers and technocrats who can stir the ship in the direction he envisions.

Gender is an important element in balancing the level of government policy decision making and Zimbabweans contend that women should also take their place in the incoming cabinet, but their appointment should be based on capacities.

President Mnangagwa is expected to announce a new cabinet soon following his inauguration on Sunday in what marks the beginning of a new era in terms of rebuilding the country’s economy.