President Emmerson Mnangagwa says government is creating an environment where those with business acumen should thrive.

Speaking at a campaign rally at Rudhaka Open Space in Marondera today, President Mnangagwa said the economy was stagnant because of sanctions but now the focus is on creating wealth.

“For close to 20 years the country was in isolation because of sanctions but there is no regret. Government has embarked on a re-engagement drive with the global world to lure investors for the development of the country. For the first time Zimbabwe went to Davos where global shapers meet and while there I preached that Zimbabwe is open for business and now global investors are flocking to the country,” he said.

The President said government and the private sector should always dialogue on how to grow the economy together. 

He said power comes from the people and under the new dispensation the entire leadership are the servants of the people.

“The voice of the people is the voice of God. Zanu PF has the capacity to cleanse itself and it demonstrated that in November last year at the height of G40 madness,” he says adding that remnants of G40 are still there.

On energy infrastructure, the President said the capacity utilisation for the industry is now at 45 percent from 10 percent adding that the World Bank recently said the country’s economic growth has risen by 2.7 percent.

President Mnangagwa said government is empowering farmers through the Command Agriculture Programme and the Presidential Inputs Scheme.

“The Command Agriculture Programme which has now been extended to livestock, cotton, and soya beans has already kicked off in Matabeleland as it is a dry region,” he said.

The President said the Land Reform exercise was resolved with the government now working at modernising the agricultural sector to ensure good harvest even during drought periods.

“The country is now saying goodbye to poverty,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said no one should give the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) instructions adding that this electoral process should be non violent, free and fair.