The District Development Fund (DDF) says an average of US$14 million is required for the  rehabilitation of infrastructure that has been damaged by rains in Masvingo Province alone.

The incessant rains that pounded Masvingo Province left behind a trail of damage on the country`s infrastructure.

The worst affected areas are Zaka, Mwenezi, Chivi and Chiredzi where a number of bridges and roads have been washed away.

The latest bridge to be affected is Chingami in Mwenezi, which was washed away in the second week of February.

The washing away of the bridge has cut links between communities in Mativenga and Chirimigwa villages, mostly affecting school children from Mwenezi High, Rufaro Secondary and Makawire Primary schools, who have to miss school whenever the river is flooded.

The villagers said the washing away of the bridge is also disrupting access to Neshuro Hospital and Chimbuzi Clinic.

DDF Provincial Coordinator for Masvingo, Mr Marasa Gutukunuwa said US$$40 000 is required to rebuild Chingami Bridge, but highlighted that US$14 million is needed to rehabilitate roads and infrastructure that have been affected by rains in the whole province.

“So far we have quantified the damage of infrastructure in Masvingo to about US$14 million. But if the rains persist the damage on roads and bridges could increase,” he said.

Some of the bridges like Lower Shange in Zaka were washed away as far back as the year  2000 and are yet to be repaired.