zambezi_flood.jpgVictims of floods that hit the Kanyemba area in Mbire District last week are in dire need of anti retroviral drugs and other medication as their medical supplies were washed away by floods.

The floods washed away properties, livestock, food supplies and medical supplies leaving the victims at risk of diseases.


Victims of the floods who are on antiretroviral treatment are the hardest hit as they are now crossing the Zambezi to access ARVs from Luangwa district in Zambia as they are supposed to be on medication continually.


Councilor for Chapoto ward 1 in Mbire district Mr. Christmas Kachasu said there is an urgent need for medication as some of the people who were affected by the floods depend on them for survival.

Director for Civil Protection Unit Mr. Madzudzo Pawadyira also emphasised on the need for anti retrovirals and other forms of medication in Kanyemba.


He said besides the medication there is still need for food aid in the area.


The continuous rains that have been falling in most parts of the country have been a blessing to farmers. To communities that reside in the Zambezi escarpment area it has been a nightmare as 800 families have been displaced and affected by the rains.