lake-kariba-dam-wall.jpgThe Zambezi River Authority has opened 2 of the 6 flood gates at Lake Kariba’s dam wall.

The opening of the flood gates follows increased water flow levels into the lake from its sub catchment area, downstream of Victoria Falls.

Zambezi River Authority Director for Water Resources and Environmental Management, Mr Clement Mukosa said the 2 flood gates will remain open for as long as current water inflow levels into the lake remain the same.

He said the 2 flood gates will release a combined 3000m3 of water per second.

Project and Dam Safety Director, Mr David Mazvidza told reporters that the water level has reached the 484, 47 meter mark instead of the normal level of 484 metres.

The Zambezi River Authority has meanwhile warned people living downstream of the lake to be alert on a possible flooding that may result from the water being released into Zambezi river from Lake Kariba.